Best Rooms to Install a New Stove or Fire

Your living room isn’t the only zone that can benefit from a stove or fireplace. Mike Coke reveals where else you could install this charming feature in your home
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27th February 2023

We all know that a stove or fire is a fantastic addition to a living room or snug. After all, there’s no cosier way to warm your heart and your home than relaxing in front of a fire, mug of tea in hand and your pampered pet curled up at the foot of the hearth. But did you know you can also add the joy of a stove or fire to other rooms in the house?

Modern technology means you can install a stove or fire in rooms that don’t have a conventional chimney. In fact, some of these heaters don’t need a chimney or flue at all – so they’re supremely versatile, offering an easy way to create a characterful feature in other areas of your home.

In this article, I’ll reveal some of the best rooms in the home that could benefit from a new stove or fire installation:

Onyx Liv 3 stove in study
The Onyx Liv 3 offers warmth and a focal point in this study
Chesterfield electric stove in home office
An electric stove, such as the Stovax Chesterfield, is an easy-install home office option

Stoves for the Home Office

Record numbers of us now work from home. If you’re among them, then you’re probably spending a lot of time in a study or dedicated home office – and you should be comfortable while you’re working hard!

Investing in a room-heating stove such as the Stovax Chesterfield 5 electric can be an economical option for remote workers. Using a stove or fire to only heat the room you’re actually using means you don’t need to run central heating across the whole house throughout the day.

A log burner might be just what you need to create a more welcoming environment and keep you warm through those busy winter workdays.

Alternatively, if you hold important in-person meetings in your home office, perhaps you want to make a design statement with a contemporary design. Gas stoves are great for this – giving you the choice between balanced and conventional flue options, so you can position the fire pretty much anywhere.

Onyx Orbit electric fire
This large ensuite bedroom with outdoor access benefits from a stylish, warming fire in the form of the Onyx Orbit
eStudio 135R in bedroom
The eStudio 135R log-effect fire is part of a stunning media wall in this bedroom

Bedroom Fireplaces

Many of us love basking in a fire’s warming glow of an evening; but what happens when it’s time to hit the hay? Fear not! You can bring the same experience to your bedroom. You probably spend more time here than you do in your living room, so it can be a great investment.

I’m not suggesting you go for a traditional open fire, as our Victorian predecessors would have done. It’s not advisable to leave a real fire slumbering through the night, as it can damage your chimney system.

Instead, try a modern electric fire in the bedroom. Today’s designs come with thermostatic control to keep room temperatures balanced while you sleep.

Electric fires also generate warm ambient lighting, enhanced by the gentle flickering of authentic-looking flames. So, they’re ideal for helping you to wind down at the end of a long day.

Stovax County 8 Woodburning Stove in Kitchen
Stovax's County 8 woodburning stove makes a statement in this Shaker-style kitchen
Nordpeis ME stove in kitchen
The Nordpeis ME wall-mounted stove is a sleek addition to this kitchen

Kitchen Fireplaces & Stoves

If you’re building a new home or extending, there’s a good chance you’ll be planning a multifunctional kitchen that also includes living or dining zones (or perhaps both).

The fact you cook here means the kitchen is less likely to get chilly while in use than other rooms. But whether you’re using the space to entertain, enjoy family meals or simply relax in, installing a stove or fire could make a fantastic design statement.

So, the kitchen is one of the best rooms in the house for a stove or fireplace.

Perhaps you’re a fan of the cottagecore trend? If so, a traditional log burner could be just the thing. Or for a contemporary look, try a sleek gas stove or fire – the Gazco Vogue Midi T Midline even comes with modern wall-mounting options.

NEED TO KNOW: Woodburning & Gas Stoves in the Kitchen

Most kitchens have an extractor fan to deal with moisture and smells from cooking. Extractor fans create negative pressure. This can cause challenges for installing woodburning or gas stoves in kitchens, as they need a positive chimney pressure to remove combustion gases from your home.

There are options to overcome this, however. One is for your installer to add a suitable additional air vent into the room, between the stove and extractor fan, so that each appliance has a sufficient dedicated air supply.

Some woodburners also have the option of an outside air kit that ducts air from outside directly into the appliance, so they don’t need a vent into the room. There’s also the option to go for a balanced flue gas fire or stove – which won’t require a chimney.

Finally, you could go electric. As there’s no combustion process with an electric fire, you can enjoy the warm glow without worrying about the ventilation implications – all you need is a suitable wiring installation signed off by a qualified electrician.

Riva 2 stove in dining room
The Riva 2 stove adds a warm glow to this elegant dining room
Onyx Orbit electric fire
The Onyx Orbit electric fire makes a bold modern focal point and helps to segregate this kitchen-dining-living space

Woodburners for the Dining Room

This is another space where the Victorians used to bask in the warmth of a real fire – and it’s still a great idea now.

The flickering flames of a high-quality woodburner make a wonderful backdrop to hearty family meals, extravagant dinner parties or romantic meals with your partner.

Plus, a warming spot in front of the stove is the perfect place for restless pets to quietly relax – so they won’t be begging your guests for morsels!

Mike Coke is Biomass Products Development Manager for the Stovax Group, a leading UK stove and fireplace manufacturer. Stovax Group has been designing and manufacturing exceptional stoves, fires and fireplaces for over 40 years. Find your perfect stove or fire >

Main image: The Gazco Loft gas stove installed in a kitchen

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