Evolving Insulation: Changing the Way we Build in the UK

Boost your home’s sustainability and long-term performance with the latest high-performance insulation
8th November 2022

Self builders and renovators are innovators at heart, breaking norms as they bid to get the individuality, performance and lifestyle they want out of their bespoke home projects. So, it’s always exciting to unveil novel solutions that can help to deliver on those goals and turn challenge into opportunity.

That’s where Rockwool’s new NyRock technology comes in: an evolution in stone wool composition producing the most thermally efficient stone wool insulation currently available in the UK. Rockwool stone wool insulation is created by melting naturally occurring diabase rock, then spinning it into fibres, which are gathered to form a fleece. This fleece is then manufactured into products of varying size and density.

NyRock technology enhances the process, using special spinners in order to produce a more efficient fibre structure. This next generation stone wool can deliver thermal conductivity as low as 0.032 W/mK, while still providing all the other benefits of stone wool (which typically performs within a thermal conductivity range of 0.034 W/mK to 0.044 W/mK).

Great Performance in Thinner Walls

Achieving a low-energy, low-bills home is a major goal for most self builders and renovators. Plus, as the UK moves towards zero carbon homes, Building Regs for energy efficiency (Part L) are ratcheting up.

Achieving better levels of insulation can come at a price, namely deeper insulation and thicker walls. Modern solutions are changing that narrative, however, delivering exceptional performance in a thinner profile.

Its low thermal conductivity means Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 032 can deliver a U-value of 0.18 W/m2K with an insulation depth of just 150mm. That’s 25mm thinner than with standard stone wool cavity products, enabling you to meet Part L requirements while maximising valuable internal floor space. Available from merchants from November 2022, Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 can be used in both full-fill and partial-fill cavity wall applications.

Triangle House by Rockwool

A series of products manufactured with NyRock technology is coming on to the market to suit different building systems and applications

see the home

Perfect for Modern Construction

When creating your own home, you can access a wide range of building techniques. Thermal Frame Slab 032, also available from November, suits a variety of timber-based and steel applications – including where you’re using brick outer cladding, and with or without a service void. So, you can match your individual structure with the very latest insulation technology.

Your contractors will thank you, too – Thermal Frame Slab 032 gives a quick, easy friction fitting into frame walls. What’s more, it will support your energy efficiency goals over the lifetime of the building.

Modern insulations like NyRock are dimensionally stable when fitted under compression, so they can accommodate building movement without slumping, sagging or a loss in thermal performance.

Fire Safety Sorted

As with all Rockwool stone wool insulation, both the Cavity Slab and Frame Slab products are made from naturally non-combustible volcanic rock. This means they can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000°C, achieving the highest Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification.

NyRock products are also designed to deliver long-term performance. Independent tests show that stone wool retains the same fire and thermal resistance properties more than 55 years after installation.

NyRock technology cross section

NyRock technology enables excellent thermal insulation in thinner wall profiles versus standard stone wool products

Sustainable Building

Creating a truly sustainable home is about more than just saving carbon and money in use. It’s also important to consider the energy and CO2 that goes into building the house in the first place.

Alongside their lower thermal conductivity and ability to contribute to improved energy efficiency, products powered by NyRock technology can also be recycled indefinitely (which can’t be said of all modern insulations).

As with existing Rockwool stone wool solutions, the use of NyRock insulations is net carbon negative over their intended lifetime. Check out Rockwool’s sustainability report for further details and to be the first to discover the latest NyRock products.

Rockwool is a leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. The Rockwool Trade Range provides self builders with access to non-combustible thermal and sound insulation products for all applications. Visit Rockwool or call 01656 868 400.

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