11 of the Best Turnkey Homes

Turnkey homes offer a hassle-free route to creating your perfect new house – take a look at these stunning builds to see what’s possible with this option
by Sander Tel
6th November 2022

The turnkey home building method gives you all the choice you’d expect with a self build project, but hands the responsibility of your home’s design and construction over to one company. So, a single supplier handles everything from concept drawings right through to completing the internal fit-out.

This can be great for those who want to retain control over the decision-making and design process, but don’t want to be hands-on with delivering the project. So, it’s a strong option for those who are new to home building, don’t have a lot of time for overseeing the construction, or simply want the assurance of an experienced team completing the works.

For some, a turnkey build can represent great value for money – giving you certainty over the price, performance, quality and delivery date for your finished home. You will pay a premium for this bells-and-whistles service – but many people find it worthwhile for the peace of mind they gain by handing the responsibility for successful delivery of their bespoke home to a single company.

Bear in mind, however, that most turnkey packages do have some exclusions. Most companies won’t handle the groundworks phase, for instance, as it’s very difficult to give a firm price for this until the first spade hits the ground. Similarly, the UK market is awash with choice in kitchens, so most self builders prefer to go to an external supplier for this part of their projects.

Here, we have put together a collection of inspiring turnkey homes to show what is possible when choosing this home building route.

1. Bespoke Turnkey Home on Rural Plot

After buying a rural cottage and its surrounding plot of land nearly half a century ago, Adrian Marshall and Tuck-Chee Phung decided to knock down and rebuild on the peaceful site, with the goal to create a bespoke, energy-efficient home.

On the recommendation of a friend, the couple consulted timber frame specialist Fjordhus. Adrian and Tuck-Chee wanted an airtight and well-insulated abode and were attracted to the efficient advantages of a precision-engineered and factory-made, pre-insulated closed panel timber frame system.

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turnkey home exterior with split timber cladding and white render finish

Horizontal timber cladding and a clean, white render help to form the modern feel that the couple longed for. Photo: Nigel Rigden

Adrian and Tuck-Chee opted for a complete turnkey package with Fjordhus as they were impressed with what the company could offer to their project. “I simply drew out the basic design and then worked with them to develop the plans that would transform it into a reality,” says Adrian.

double-height entrance hall decorated with art and ornaments

The large double-height entrance hall features an array of artwork across the ground floor and mezzanine level. Photo: Nigel Rigden

The outside boasts a contemporary ambience, with timber cladding, white render and a zinc roof. The south-facing elevation features extensive glazing, filling the rooms with natural light and offering panoramic views of the stunning surroundings.

The property benefits from an air source heat pump, underfloor heating and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system.

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2. Woodlands: A Turnkey Self Build Home

This countryside plot had been in the family for 5 generations and contained an old 1970s single storey property.

The building needed refurbishment and so the owners had considered an extension. Although, after consulting a builder in the family with their plans, they realised that it would be a waste because the house would “leak like a sieve at the back”.

zinc and larch cladding contemporary home

Standing seam zinc and Siberian larch timber cladding combine beautifully to create this striking modern home

The family contacted Facit homes, who were able to produce a new design for this two storey eco home that would maximise both the plots size and its glorious views.

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What’s included in a turnkey home package?

The route to your new home will vary depending on the exact services your supplier offers, but the following steps outline what’s included a typical full turnkey solution:

  • Plot Analysis & Feasibility Turnkey companies don’t usually offer a plot-finding service (though some do). Nevertheless, most will work with you to assess your site once found, looking closely at any constraints to ensure that it can support the individual home you want.
  • Design Stage You’ll work with the company’s in-house design team, either to amend a catalogue design or come up with a bespoke concept to match your brief and budget. Some companies can also work with your own external designer.
  • Planning Permission & Building Regs Some companies can see your planning and Building Regulations applications through on your behalf; others will aid you in your application but will require you to make the formal submission.
  • Offsite Manufacture Most turnkey companies offer timber-based construction systems, whereby the house is produced under factory-controlled conditions. This can make for a smooth, predictable and energy efficient build.
  • Site Prep Turnkey suppliers don’t usually offer groundworks in their contract but many can recommend an approved contractor to carry out the work (and some are able to do the foundations stage in-house).
  • Delivery & Erection The components for your new home arrive on site and the house shell is built to watertight stage.
  •  Fit-Out The internal and external works are completed, from plumbing and electrics right down to the final lick of paint, ready for you to move in.

3. Render Finish Turnkey Self Build

Christopher Goodman was after a home that was comfortable, cost effective and sociable.

Having researched the options for self building, Christopher realised he had neither the time nor the know-how to manage the project himself. “The turnkey solution really appealed to me and I was impressed by Hanse Haus’ approach and expertise from the start,” he says.

modern turnkey home in white render finish

The modern home has been completed with a clean white render and minimal Scandinavian-inspired design. Photo: Katy Donaldson

One of the reasons for choosing Hanse Haus was the quality and energy efficiency of their finished homes. The exterior walls are 30cm thick and have a Sto bonding external insulation.

The interior walls are 12cm thick and the house boasts the Hanse Haus solid wall system, which combines the advantages of timber, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and solid wall construction.

minimalist kitchen with vaulted ceiling

The downstairs features a large open plan living-dining-kitchen space with a vaulted ceiling. Photo: Katy Donaldson

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4. Compact Turnkey Home

Daunted by the prospect of building their own home, Andrew and Ann Dudley chose a full turnkey service from The Wee House Company to complete their project in Fort Augustus.

Finished in 2021, the 68m² house cost a total of £164,772 to build.

cottage style living room

This bespoke turnkey home makes use of a charming cottage-style interior

The charming home has been finished with green and white paint on the timber cladding exterior, along with a terracotta coloured corrugated roof.

The Wee House Company specialises in modular turnkey homes, ranging from studios to three-bed houses and bespoke designs.

5. Contemporary Timber Frame Turnkey Build

After finding their dream plot in West Sussex, Tina Larsen and Neil Bartle got in touch with Scandia-Hus to design, build and project manage the delivery of their new turnkey house.

The design features an impressive double-height entrance hallway, open plan kitchen-dining space, a vaulted ceiling master bedroom and a useful carport with garden storage.

The house has been finished with an interesting mix of timber cladding and black render, and the Scandia-Hus standard airtight timber frame allows high levels of insulation.

The full turnkey project included everything, starting with creating a bespoke design and undertaking the planning application, with permission granted in July 2019, and arranging Building Regulations.

Scandia-Hus then project managed the full construction process from groundworks through to assembling the timber frame shell.

Completed in November 2020, after 10 months on site, the house is a stunning example of what a self builder can achieve by taking the turnkey route. Prices for a Scandia-Hus full turnkey option can cost up to £3,000 per m².

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6. Thermally Efficient Oak Frame Home

Self builders Moira and Paul Bekarma chose a full turnkey route with Oakwrights to build their oak frame cottage in Ayr, Scotland. The project was completed for £405,000 and the couple now own a gorgeous home in an idyllic setting.

Oakwrights turnkey home clad in render and larch weatherboarding

The characterful home is clad in render and larch weatherboarding. Photo: Richard Frew

“We did everything from creating access to the plot and utilities through to the last lick of paint,” says Oakwrights’ project manager Iain Hendry.

The oak frame home has been encapsulated with the Oakwrights WrightWall and WrightRoof system and makes use of a Mechanical Heat Ventilation System to create a thermally efficient home all year round.

How much does a turnkey house cost?

The price of your project will vary depending on the level of service you choose, as well as factors like the quality of the fit-out and finishes.

Merry Albright from Border Oak recommends budgeting between £2,200 and £3,500 per m2. This would include architectural design, manufacture, plot finding, project management, procurement, labour during construction, snagging and aftercare.

At nHouse, homes start from £2,238 per m2. The firm has five different house styles in its core range, costing between £232,752 for its 104m2 nHouse3 property to £465,504 for its 208m2 nHouse5+.

You can then bolt on upgrades such as different external wall finishes, roof coverings, window specifications etc – and at the end of it all you’ll get an accurate price. nHouse won’t help source plots, apply for planning, arrange finance or sort the groundworks, but will do everything else and aims to complete all its projects from contract to occupation within 12 to 20 weeks.

The firm advises setting aside an additional budget of between £65,000 and £85,000 for site works, foundations, services and basic landscaping.

Rhys Denbigh, Director at Facit Homes, advises budgeting around £2,800 per m² for construction. “This covers everything from foundations to the kitchen sink, but excludes professional fees and works such as demolition and utilities, which will vary from site to site,” he says.

7. SIPs Turnkey Home

The Easters were keen to move out of the urban scene in Stockport in favour of a more tranquil way of life in rural Shropshire.

Browsing for suitable plots, they found a site near Shrewsbury that seemed ideal for their requirements. With the land identified and a price negotiated, they had to move quickly. Thankfully, things worked in their favour, as their house sold in just two days.

contemporary finish kitchen with stainless steel cabinets and worktop

The kitchen has been fit with Snaidero Concept Store’s stainless steel kitchen and features appliances from NEFF. Photo: Peter Drought

Jon and Yvonne wanted to complete their construction in a short time frame, so they opted for  the turnkey route.

The Easters chose to appoint Dan-Wood as their project partner to complete the home for them, allowing them to select an off-the-shelf house plan. They picked the Classic 184E – which could then be tweaked to suit their individual requirements.

white turnkey home constructed with SIPs

Photo: Peter Drought

The build looks incredibly slick, and the shell is constructed of structural insulated panels (SIPs) that are manufactured in Poland, before being transported to site to be finally assembled.

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8. Traditional Style Self Build

When Terry and Sue Walker came across a 1930s bungalow in West Sussex ripe for replacement, they knew it would be the perfect spot for their bespoke home.

The pair had spent the previous couple of years researching different types of new build options and visiting property shows, including Build It Live.

Terry and Sue moved out of their London property and into the bungalow. But they suffered an immediate setback when the local planning officer was reluctant to let them replace it, favouring a renovation project instead.

Turnkey home finished with traditional red Sussex tiles

Photo: Katy Donaldson

After several battles, the couple won permission to build a new house on the plot. Although, they had to agree with the council to cover the front of the house with traditional Sussex tiles to blend with the local design.

They decided to go with the turnkey package from Hanse Haus, which includes everything from electrics through to decoration. “We were impressed by the quality of the buildings they produced and how energy efficient they are,” says Terry.

contemporary style kitchen with white counters and red splashback

Photo: Katy Donaldson

The well-insulated abode has underfloor heating and an efficient air change and heat recovery system. This also filters the air entering the house, making it a warm, comfortable environment.

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9. Graven Hill Turnkey Home

Simon and Maggie Kirkman have created a four-bedroom, turnkey timber frame home on the custom build development site Graven Hill.

The retired couple chose to go down the prefabricated route for its simplicity. “Having taken on three previous self builds, it was a good option to let someone else deal with the stress,” says Maggie.

Graven Hill home front with connected garage

Photo: Camilla Reynolds

It wasn’t until 2012 that they began searching for land, and it wasn’t plain sailing. “Prices had become ridiculous, and plots were few and far between,” he says.

Graven Hill caught their attention as they were attracted to the prospect of being part of another new town, where hundreds of plots would be given over to self builders.

In early 2015, the couple attended the first of a series of seminars about Graven Hill, where they encountered Dan-Wood.

bright open plan kitchen-living-diner

Photo: Camilla Reynolds

The design is based on a house from their catalogue: the 153E, with a few modifications to suit the Kirkmans.

Dan-Wood turnkey projects are delivered with everything from plumbing and heating to stairs, ironmongery and more. The only element not supplied is the kitchen.

10. Characterful and Efficient Timber Frame Home

Building an energy efficient property was top of Sarah and Jonathan’s priority list. After a little research, they soon came across Scandia-Hus and were impressed by the excellent thermal performance that their timber frame homes could offer.

Timber frame home clad in stone from a quarry with clay tile roof

A traditional exterior materials palette comprising locally sourced stone and clay roof tiles creates an aesthetic that blends with the nearby homes

The couple had already approached a local architect to draw up plans for a traditional house that would sit well in the local vernacular. So, the Scandia-Hus team took these drawings and translated them to the right specification for a timber frame build.

“From that point on, we worked with Scandia-Hus using a turnkey package where they looked after the day-to-day management of the build,” says Sarah. “We wanted to be able to pass it on to someone we could trust, just to take a little bit of the pressure off us.”

Traditional Shaker-style grey kitchen with large floor tiles

Keen to create a kitchen with a farmhouse feel, Sarah and Jonathan opted for traditional Shaker-style cabinetry

The outside of the timber frame structure is clad in stone sourced from a local quarry and the roof is topped with clay tiles to complete the traditional aesthetic.

The timber frame structure is packed with insulation and makes use of a ground source heat pump to provide hot water and underfloor heating.

Sarah and Jonathan now live in their ideal home, with vaulted ceilings, oak beams and timber wall panelling, all helping to establish a characterful, charming aesthetic.

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11. Ultra Modern Turnkey Build

When the Mackintoshes bought a house on this plot in 2012, they knew it needed significant work; “It wasn’t well built, so we decided to start again.”

After speaking to the team, the couple quickly realised that Baufritz’s turnkey service would give them certainty of the delivery of their house. “Finally, we had the information on costs we needed, and a plan that would work,” say the Mackintoshes.

flat roof contemporary build exterior

Two irregular wings give the house its distinctive shape and are connected by an entrance hall, open staircase, and suspended walkway.

The ground floor of the main wing boasts open-plan living, dining and kitchen areas – complete with dramatic floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels leading onto the gardens and beyond.

contemporary open plan living-dining area with large glazing

This open plan kitchen-living-dining area maximises light with extensive glazing on either side of the room

The main building has four family bedrooms as well as a master suite with dressing room, bathroom and floor-to-ceiling corner windows overlooking the countryside.

“We are incredibly pleased that we pushed ourselves to build what we really wanted, rather than compromising,” say the couple.

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