HD Services sewage treatment system

This site in Buckinghamshire comprises of two separate sewage treatment systems. An existing septic tank at the site was unable to cope so HD Services initially installed a bespoke-designed system to work alongside it, servicing the sewage requirements of nine people.

In August 2014, we were also asked to fit an additional bespoke HD-SM biological filter to the preexisting septic tank. The filter we installed has the capacity to treat domestic sewage from a population of up to eight people.

Connections were made to the existing septic tank, with land drainage pipework and an electrical supply taken from the adjacent HD-SM sewage treatment system. Work began and was completed in September 2014.

The client was offered a reduced rate servicing contract on the proviso that we could service both systems together, reducing travel and labour costs. Annual servicing contracts for both the existing HD-SM plant and the upgraded system are in place.

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