How Can I Alter the Floorplan of an Old Building?

24 June 2022
by S Brown

I have a problem with a house I’m renovating.

You access the property and are immediately in a small hallway where you can turn left or right. To the left there are 2 rooms that are accessed through each other. To the right you enter a room which then leads to the toilet and kitchen. Is there a way to make this a 2 bedroom property with separate access to the bedrooms?

As it stands it’s classed as a 1 bedroom with 2 reception rooms. The property is very old with thick walls.

Thanks any help appreciated

One Answer

  1. Opinder Liddar says:

    Without a plan of your building and its garden area this is difficult to address. However, I will make some assumptions in my answer.

    Firstly, I guess this is a bungalow? You could move the toilet and kitchen into one of the reception rooms with the bedroom off this area to save walking through a bedroom into another. That is assuming the kitchen and toilet area are large enough to create a bedroom and that there are windows.

    Also if the property is deep enough you could introduce a corridor to separate the two joint rooms, but I’m not sure what the window arrangement is like.

    Walls can be removed using steelwork but get a designer on board to help to develop a sensible layout before you start work on site.

    Opinder Liddar (Director, lapd Architects)

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